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Osmosis investigation write up Aim I was trying to see if Osmosis would occur when using different sugar concentrations in a potato.

Method I had a selection of different sugar concentrations. The sugar concentrations worked in a pattern that went from 0 - 1.0 the pattern went up in 0.2. I places three strips of potato each measuring 25mm into a test tube containing 10ml of the sugar concentration that was being used. Before putting the potato strips into the test tubes they each had to be measures and weighed for accurate results. Three potato strips were placed into each test tube, because the level of sugar concentration was only 10ml there was no spillage. When cutting the potato strips I used a ruler accurate in mm and a scalpel. To measure the potato strips I used a top pan balance accurate to 0.001g, I used such an accurate balance because the change of weight was very little in parts of the experiment.

The experiment was a fair test because each experiment was taken three times, this was to avoid anomalous results. I only changed one thing, the sugar concentration (Stock 1M). I produced a fairly large range of results because I was using a large range of sugar concentrations. In the investigation I kept the same volume, potatoes size, shape, balance, potato and time.

Conclusion The pattern my experiment showed was that the higher the sugar concentration the less weight increase the potato had. My results and line graph easily prove this. My results show that Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion when a partially permeable membrane separates two solutions, then water will pass from the weak solution to the strong solution. The result with the largest weight increase was the potato placed in the 0 sugar concentration. This is...