Osmosis investigation

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Aim: To find out how osmosis occurs and differentiates using various concentrations of water.


The variables which we could investigate are:

*Size of the potato chip. This will change the surface area and volume of the potato chip as the higher the volume, the higher the capacity

*The concentration of the solution. The higher the solution is concentrated in water the more water particles there will be in the solution

*Different potatoes. This will affect the actual potato chip as the amount of water in the potato would be different in each potato as they were harvested in different areas and different ways.

*The temperature and sunshine. This is an important factor because if there were different amounts of sunshine and the temperature was affected, the water particles will be either more energized or less energized.

Preliminary Experiment

The preliminary experiment was carried out because it would give us valuable information on the different concentrated solutions to use.

It will also give a before hand experience of the experiment so that if any changes were need to made, they could be followed through. Doing the preliminary also helps in making predictions as it gives an idea of what should happen in the real experiment. It should also give an idea of what concentrations should be needed and what will be ideal to measure (the variable such as volume, mass, dimensions).

The results I obtained from the preliminary test are as follows;


(m)Chip 1 (g)Chip 2 (g)Chip 3 (g)Average

Distilled 1.501.801.701.67




(m)Previous Mass (g)Difference in mass (g)

Distilled 1.06+0.61



After carrying out my preliminary test, I have come to the conclusion that I will use more potato chips so that my average is even more accurate, and also use more concentrations of...