Osmosis Jones

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Jhoselyn Adames


Scientific Critique of "Osmosis Jones"


The 2001 film, "Osmosis Jones", focuses on the representation of the human organism and the daily conflicts a body faces in order to maintain function. The film "Osmosis Jones" is a film that tries to capture the attention of children ages eight to fourteen, by exposing the mechanisms of the human body. It is able to reveal the dangers of maintaining an unhealthy diet and some of the consequences that are associated by doing so. The film illustrates that bacteria and viruses are found freely in the environment and that one must be cautious with the substances which one chooses to ingest into one's organism. "Osmosis Jones" is a film that tries to engage children's imagination and curiosity of the human body through comedy and animation. It uses biological analogies to teach and explain many of the main functions of the human systems.

Although sometimes rather vaguely and with a few misconceptions, the film touches upon human internal systems such as the immune system, the central nervous system, the circulatory system and the digestive system.



Throughout the film "Osmosis Jones", the immune system is the one which is predominant throughout the entire film. Osmosis Jones, the "protagonist" of the film, is a representation of a white blood cell who with the help of a cold pill named Dricobenzometapetramine, "Drix", work together to destroy a dangerous virus. Throughout the film, the immune system is shown responsible for combating against bacteria, infections and viruses such as the antagonist of the film, Thrax also known as "La Muerte Roja"; a virus commonly caused by the Bacillus Anthracis bacteria. White blood cells or leukocytes defend...