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Othello isn't a play about racism as much as it is a play about jealosy, conflicting values, and the power of suggestion. Some racism is displayed within the play, but that is simply a reflection of how most minorities were treated in the time period when the population in Europe was predominantly of white skin color. This racism was also only brought out by rage and anger in some of the characters of Othello, and was not displayed by hate. Jealosy and the power of suggestion also played a contributing role in the deaths of Othello and Desdemona, and the pre-meditated plot to kill Cassio. Iago's lies led Othello to believe his wife Desdemona had been cheating with Cassio, and Othello's jealosy led him to plot Cassio's murder, and kill his own wife. The conflicting values of Othello and Iago were a major cause of Iago's lies.

Iago had valued a job that was not given to him, but rather to Othello. This led Iago to conspire a way to get revenge on Othello. Iago knew that Othello valued honesty in Desdemona, and he tried to make him think that she was just the opposite, unfaithful.

The play Othello was very much about jealosy. Jealosy played a big role in the play, and was the motive for Iago to conjure up a plan to ruin Othello. Iago was resentful because of the fact the Othello had gotten the job he wanted, and because of this Iago seeks revenge on Othello by ruining his life and career. Iago cannot accept that Othello meant no harm to him, and will not rest until he thinks he is even with him. Iago lies to Othello and makes him believe that Othello's wife Desdemona has been unfaithful to him,