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Once upon a sunny day, there was a boy named Karplackius. Karplackius was a tall boy, very muscular, he had blonde hair and blue eyes and all the girls wanted him. He was always on journeys trying to discover new things. He had a helmet given to him by Jarmackius, a shield given to him by Marlackius and full body armor from Barbackimus. The shield made him invincible when being held. So he thought "˜Maybe I don't need the body armor if the shield makes me invincible'.

So Karplackius went on a journey without the body armor. While he was on his journey, he went into a forest. Then he got lost. As he was trying to find his way out of the forest, he found a giant log. Karplackius took a long look at this log. He knew that there was something different about this tree. He wasn't quite sure what it was though.

So he kept on walking. As he was walking away, he heard a voice. He turned around and saw the log talking to him. "I can see the future." The log said. "Karplackius, you will discover something that will be loved by many." Karplackius wasn't sure what the log was talking about.

Karplackius found the end of the forest. When we was about to leave it, a giant tree appeared. "You're not leaving this forest alive young man." Karplackius had no choice but to fight. So he thought "˜The only way I can defeat this tree is to cut it down.' The tree swung a branch at Karplackius. Karplackius dodged it. Then he pulled out his sword and cut the tree down.

As he got out of the forest, he saw a man on the ground that was close to death. "How'd this happen?" Karplackius asked. "That giant tree beat me down." The man replied. So Karplackius called upon god Jarmackius to heal the man.

"I'm not a very good healer but I will try." Jarmackius replied. With-in a few minutes the man was healed. "Thank you sir for healing me. My name is Boraba." The man said. So Boraba joined Karplackius on his journey.

As they were walking, they found a pile of pigskin on the ground. Karplackius picked up the pigskin and rolled it into a big, long oval shape. He threw it to Boraba. Boraba kicked it back to Karplackius. Karplackius said, "Hmm, we should call this a football." Then he thought about what the tree had said.

"This is it!!!!" Cried Karplackius. So he and Boraba faced off against each other. Boraba was much bigger then Karplackius. So Karplackius thought of the giant tree. As they started playing, Karplackius cut Boraba down with his body. After that day the game known as football was loved all over the world and still is loved by many today.