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English Assessment task 1

Antony Barca

Good morning/afternoon Miss Ferreira and fellow class mates. It is without a doubt that the most influential writer in all of English literature is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare had the ability to construct a story using a range of human emotions in simple yet entertaining scripts such as the play Othello, creating compelling and complex characters revolving around the characteristics of the Elizabethan society. For instance, Iago, a character driven by a lust for empowerment through evil deeds, loyal to himself and deceitful to all, in turn giving him the title as the worst Shakespearian villain hands down. Further characters include Othello, a strong leader full of honour, self-assured in his ability to handle military matters but insecure with his personal qualities that blind him from the truth, evidently allowing himself to be manipulated resulting in murderous behaviour. The values and themes of loyalty that are blatantly evident behind characters such as Othello, Iago and Desdemona continuously provide the backbone as the driving force required to construct the tragic acts and ending of the famous play Othello.

When we explore the context of Othello, it revolves around the Elizabethan era, where the majority of women in England had limited rights. Despite that fact that a female ruled the English monarchy for over four decades, most women possessed little power and were seen to serve the men remaining loyal to the end. In general terms society was white, the men believed that they were obliged to seek power and that they were superior, consequently other coloured races were disregarded and considered to be unhuman. For example African men were viewed as barbaric, illiterate and good only to be used in serving the white man's property. Shakespeare portrays such characteristics throughout Othello however also presents...