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A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. But sometimes it won't work in that way. In the play Othello, Shakespeare demonstrates the mistake made by people who manipulate by desire, suspicion and jealous rarely leads to redemption later by creating distinct characters such as Roderigo, Othello and Iago.

Desire is the first things that make people fall. Roderigo is a heavy-headed but not evil gentleman in Venice at the first place. The desire to be with Desdemona makes him become a main henchman to achieve Iago's horrible plan. Although he want to give up a few times but his desire keep pushing him forward and lead him to dead. For example, in Act 1 scene 3 line 402-404 Iago said "Seek thou rather to be hanged in compassing thy joy than to be drowned and go without her."

to Roderigo when Roderigo said he want to drown himself because Othello already married Desdemona. It is a dramatic irony because from the quote it is very obvious that Iago don't care about Roderigo and let Roderigo do things for his own benefit. But it is very easy for Roderigo to believe in him since he's desire control his mind. This is the first time Roderigo decided to be involved in Iago's plan. To the end, when Iago told Roderigo to kill Cassio . He said "I have no great devotion to the deed. And yet he hath given me satisfying reasons. 'Tis but a man gone. Forth, my sword: he dies." Act5 scene 1 line 9-11. This quote suggests he only hesitate a little bit and agree to kill a people have no reason to kill. Therefore those two examples show that...