Othello - This is character analysis about Othello the charater. It's got plenty of quotes to use and very a large resource of detail about the characteristic's of Othello.

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Othello at the beginning of the play is shown as an intelligent brave and courageous Moor who won the heart of Desdemona. As the play unfolds his true characteristics is revealed. His character even being manipulated shows its weakness and flaws of his inherent character. His jealous nature, his vulnerability to being easily manipulated and his trust too quickly personality, through to the end of the book where his uncontrollable anger overpowers his senses till he commits a crime. Throughout the play you come to respect him, love him, hate him and empathise with him.

Othello is an incredibly noble and valiant solider who rose through the ranks and became incredibly powerful with a voice among the highest of ranks. His story of heroism is told at early stages of the play where Othello is trying to defend himself in front of the court of nobles. He talks about "Of hair breath escapes i'th'imminet deadly breach" where he talks about his life story.

Here he is explaining how he survived among battles and how he alone stood some grueling tests. How he alone won the heart of Desdemona who fell for his courage. Within this scene the duke of Venice talks about Othello describing his valorous nature, "Valiant Othello we must straight employ you against the general enemy Ottoman". The word valiant, describes what other people think about Othello, and considering is was the Duke of Venice whom spoke these esteemed words, it was a great honour to have them spoken to you. Also the tone of his voice, 'we must' also describes the urgency of this mission showing how without a doubt Othello is the only man for the job. It describes how Othello even though he is black, he has the respect of a noble white...