Othello Character Anaylsis

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Othello Character Analysis

Othello is obviously the main character of the play but remarkably he is not a major part of the first scene. The other characters often refer to Othello as him or he when discussing topics that will affect him later in the play. An example of this is the plot to make Othello jealous and suspect his wife is cheating on him. Othello's name is mentioned in Act 1 scene iii. Iago plots with Roderigo to full Othello and convince Desdemona to fall in love with Roderigo. Iago is successful in his plot by first convincing Cassio to drink and therefore be fired by Othello. Cassio then begins to talk with Desdemona about persuading Othello to give him his job back which Iago takes full advantage. Iago is able to convince Othello that his wife is unfaithful which leads to many situations at the end of the play.

Shakespeare portrays Othello as a strong noble character who is looked up to by everyone and is a leader who has the ability to be in charge of a large number of people. However, as the play continues it became very evident that he is a very manipulative and jealous character. During the beginning of the story Othello does nothing but express his love for his wife and trust in others. As the play progresses he is tricked and loses all trust in his wife and kills her for being what he suspects is unfaithful. This shows that he is jealous and not as trustworthy as once portrayed. In the conclusion, Othello learns that everything was a conspiracy and rather than facing trial by his people he holds a dagger to himself and commits suicide. He falls next to his dead wife stating that he wants to die...