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The Little Handkerchief with a Big Purpose In our everyday lives there are little things that can change or have a dramatic impacts on us. In the play Othello, Shakespeare makes a powerful symbol out of a very little but very meaningful handkerchief. This is not just any handkerchief however, it was given to Desdemona by her very trusting and honored husband Othello. It becomes more and more powerful in the play as people begin to get jealous and greedy. It is used by Iago in many different ways. He begins to get some ideas together and formulates a plan, he deceives people by telling them lies to complete his plan, and how he completes this scandal with the results backfiring and not going as he had planned. Come now and see how Shakespeare's character Iago begins his scam.

Iago, Othello's Ancient, begins to make a scam to get a job in which he did not receive from Othello. Othello gave the Lieutenancy job to Cassio who he trusts greatly will do a good job. Iago is outraged by the decision because he feels he should have been picked for the job. He begins to configure a strategy to not only make Othello lose trust in his new Lieutenant Cassio, but to make Othello want to fire him and possibly kill him.

Iago begins his Scandal, he talks to Othello telling him that he does trust Cassio and Othello agrees, Iago then begins to make things up to make himself look good and Cassio look bad. "Look to your wife; observe her while with Cassio; wear your eyes thus, not jealous nor secure"�. (3.iii.227-228) Iago warns Othello that Desdemona might not be as faithful to him as he believes. He knows that Desdemona...