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Othello Narrative Essay

Hello there my name is Othello; I am the leading general of the Venice military army. I have won many countless battles in my military career and I have brought greatness to the city of Venice. With this my reputations very high just like any nobleman or royal family. However I do not have a last or a maiden name, because my past life of being a slave but, the people in Venice addresses me as The Moor, even though it is just word describe. Achieving and holding these milestones were not easy especially if you are foreigner, in fact when I look at my life I realize how amazing it is that I started with nothing and in end up being successful in life. However I am hear tell you story about my life and what it was before I became successful.

My story will start with my childhood days growing up in my home country of Ethiopia, when invaded by the Ottoman Empire. Then story will transition to my days as child solider working the Ottoman Empire and what I have witness. After that I will talk about how I escape from the Empire move to Venice and start a new life. So sit back and get ready to enjoy this epic adventure of my life past.

My childhood life was beautiful for the first ten years of my life year growing up in Ethiopia in small town call Debre Birhan in the Amhara region which it is located at the north side of Ethiopia. I had a lot of great memories there before the Ottoman Empire invaded my country. I could remember the times of how life in Ethiopia was easy for me as a child. I...