"Othello": Iago.

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An extremely insecure character has the ability to act against those he is envious in a manor that is destructive that requires intellect. Characters fall prey to his manipulations especially Othello and do not suspect his motives of revenge and deem him honorable and trustworthy. His revenge shows that he displays complete apathy to morale concepts of good and evil. On numerous occasions he acknowledges the extent of his wickedness but it does not deter him from pursuing the downfall of those around him. Iago is not natural or instinctive villain he lacks self confidence deeply inbited when Cassio is given the promotion as Othello's lieutenant and feels a sense of inferiority. He complains to Rodrigo about the system of promotion and states that the curse of the service "Is that preferment goes by letter of affection,' He feels that he is worth no more a place than Cassio.

These comments show Iagos jealousy, anger and vengeance on both Cassio and Othello. Othello has not only done offence to Iago by not putting him in 2nd command but Iago also says "twixt my sheets he's done my service." Stating that he believes Othello has slept with Amelia. This adds more fuel to his jealousy and revenge "to diet my revenge for that I do suspect the lusty moor Hath leaped into my seat." "I know not if't be true, but I, for mere suspicion in that kind will do as if for surety."

Iagos' ability to manipulate and destroy other characters lies in the fact that he is trusted and regarded as having the best intensions. It is through this trust that the characters can see the events before they take place though Iagos' eyes. Othello refers to Iago as honest and good Iago. In Act 3 scene3...