"Othello vs O" Discuss the appropriation of Shakespeares Othello into the film O. Include the context of each text, connections between each, purpose and effectiveness of the appropriation.

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"Othello" and "O" tell the story of a great man who suffers terrible destruction as a result of external evil. "Othello" is a tale that weaves an intricate pattern of lies and deceit, beginning with the main character, Othello, being questioned by Brabanzio, the father of his new wife Desdemona who Othello had just married in secret. Brabanzio is not happy with this as not only is Othello a middle-aged man while Desdemona a young women, but Othello is a Moor, (a black man) and the thought of a white women marrying a black man was looked down upon, despite that fact that Othello was a prized general and diplomat, the pride of Venice. Iago, a man Othello trusts is secretly extremely jealous of Othello's happiness, and plotting his downfall behind his back, with the help of Roderigo who is very much in love with Desdemona, but is only a source of money for Iago. Iago manipulates everyone around Othello, including his own friends and makes Othello believe Desdemona is betraying him by seeing Othello's friend Michael Cassio. At Othello's orders, Iago is told to make sure Cassio is dead, and with the help of willing Roderigo who dies as well, Cassio is killed. Desdemona is confiding her unhappiness in her friend Emilia, who is Iago's wife. When Othello comes to Desdemona's bedroom he strangles her, believing Iago's tales of lies out to destroy him. Emilia comes to stop him and tells of what her husband has done, which is silenced when Iago comes and murders her. Othello realises what has happened and finally, draws a knife and takes his own life.

The modern day version, "O" takes place in a white prep boarding school. One of...