'Othello' by William Shakespeare.

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The analogy of a person shooting (killing with a gun) another person, clearly describes who held the responsibility of Othello's downfall in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. In this situation, there is no doubt, as to who is responsible for the death - the person who pulled the trigger, or the person who was shot. No matter how foolishly the victim acts, the trigger, in the end is pulled by the murderer. Similarly, despite the fact that Othello trusted Iago too much, didn't consider Desdemona's and Emilia's pleadings, and looked at "proofs" with a biased mind, Iago was ultimately the person most responsible, as it was his plan and words that in the end led to Othello's downfall.

Throughout the play, we see Iago plotting to bring about Othello's downfall. We see this mainly in his soliloquies and it is clear from the very start, that it is his intention to bring about the fall of Othello."For whiles this honest fool [Cassio] Plies Desdemona to repair his fortunes, And she for him pleas strongly to the Moor, I'll pour this pestilence into his ear: That she repeals him for her body's lust; And by how much she strives to do him good, She shall undo her credit with the Moor. So will I turn her virtue into pitch, And out of her own goodness make the net that shall enmesh them all"(pg 87, 330). This is a clear example of Iago's plotting to ruin Othello as he talks out his plan to make Othello suspicious of Desdemona being unfaithful with Cassio. "Two things are to be done. My wife must move for Cassio to her mistress - I'll set her on. Myself the while to draw the Moor apart, And bring him jump when he...