How Others See Me

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I plan to make the most of my four years at Princeton, majoring in English Literature and exploring my outside interests in writing and debating. My references will confirm my passion for academics, particularly history, politics and the social sciences. I love to debate current events and world issues and will be a lively contributor to my classes. Hopefully, my professors will cite my individuality, my articulate demeanor and my exceptional writing skills.

As a member of the debating team, I will make friends with many like-minded students from all over the world. As we sharpen our reasoning and public speaking skills, we will also become good friends and cherished confidants. My peers will describe me as a loyal friend, a good listener and a classic movie buff. Close friends particularly value my irreverent sense of humor and strong sense of adventure. They also know that my "social persona" is simply one aspect of my personality.

While my gregarious nature often makes me the center of attention, in my private time, I actually prefer the company of just a few close friends.

One of my strongest references will be the editor of the campus newspaper, where I plan to write stories and be a featured reporter. I've been an excelllent writer my entire life and am considering a career in journalism. My work on my high school paper (the Crimson Blaze) suggests that I have a gift for satire and subtle persuasiveness. I plan to further develop this talent through regular contributions to Princeton's daily newspaper.

A Princeton education is a lifelong dream for me, as both of my parents are legacies. While their contribution to the campus was in medicine, mine will be as an excellent writer, debater, student and friend.