"Our Country and the Laws In it"

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It seems to me that the reason our country was founded has been forgotten. We settled here in the United States in search of freedom, and a just world for all, and now the priorities of our country appear to have changed; over time since the constitution was first drafted the country has changed an immense amount. The question at hand is, do these changes need to effect the reason the country was developed in the first place? This is a brad question, when referring to all 50 of the United States and every possible subject. When focusing in on one geographic area, and one subject area - it is easier to see how our Nation has changed from one once governed and controlled by Man, to one now completely controlled by Laws, with little or no equal representation from the people.

In 1787 when the constitution was drafted, it was done with the understanding that within 6 months there would be amendments added.

The constitution, and then later drafted amendments were meant to be guidelines, and not strict rules.

This may be where our country is going wrong in today's society. What was a meant to be guidelines and suggestions is being misinterpreted by our leaders. The preamble of the constitution states "in order to form a more perfect union...provide for the common defense...and secure the blessings of liberty." (Cornell.edu) Then in the later added amendment 5 of 1791 it states that the powers which are not given to the united states by the constitution, are given to the individual states or to the people. What seems to be happening is that people are abusing the powers they think they have because of the way that they interpret the constitution.

An example of how our government is not following...