Our Disappearing Rainforests, and how much we need them.

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As a nation the USA is one of the many countries that export in many items that are used to help raise the populations quality of life, by being able to offer them the prescription medicines needed to cure infections, or exotic food to help improve understanding of culture, and being able to provide expensive wooden furniture to improve comfort. Because of the reasons above these goods are constantly in demand, and whilst seemingly being beneficial in one country, will gradually see the downfall of another.

Many of these items are exported from less economically developed countries, along the equator, such as Brazil and Indonesia that have a high percentage of the country covered by rainforest. Its here in the rainforests that some of the most essential things in our lives are produced. There are currently 121 plants world wide that produce prescription drugs that cure common illnesses, 25% of these come from rainforests and more staggeringly 70% of all anti - cancer drugs also come from the worlds rainforests. Not only for medical reasons does the rainforest need to be conserved, 200 of the world's main fruit types originated or still come from here and therefore provide many countries with important food to help maintain a balanced diet that cannot be found anywhere else. All of these reasons show how important the rainforest is and how much it contributes to make our lives as comfortable as possible, therefore good is produced by logging in the rainforests. However on the other side of the ocean the affect on the environment and the locals, that are helping to improve our lives, is not as rewarding. As the rainforests are gradually being destroyed so are many native Indians way of life, from 10 million living forests a centaury, now only...