Our Future in Harms/( What are your views towards abortion? Give examples to justify your points

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Mathew Manos

English 101

Mr Khan

July 30,2003

Our Future in Harms

Do you want to kill or witness the murder of an innocent unborn child? Are you willing to make a decision that will be on your consciousness? This is the type of decision that will weigh on a persons mind and soul. In recent years, abortion has been a controversial topic in the United States. We live in a society that teaches us the wrong morals. Imagine yourself in a womb and you are about to die. How would it feel? Human beings should be put in their place in order to feel that pain. People who are willing to abort their child are ignorant, along with the nation that agrees with this decision. Therefore people should truly understand the facts before society forces you to believe that abortion is morally right.

Morally we all know the difference between right and wrong. As children we were taught this difference. However society may differ in their interpretations of certain issues. Television and media show the public what they should think, and this forces a conflict between societal values and individual values. In my opinion, abortion is wrong and it is a serious assault on a persons rights. So why are millions of women every year coming to the conclusion that it is the right thing to do? Is it because they want to hide their senseless actions? Or is it because they were forced to believe that they can do anything with their bodies?

Whatever reason they take, it doesn't hide the fact that they are killing an innocent child. The only reason why a person may want an abortion is because society advocates it. Women will claim, "I have the right to do whatever I want...