Our Gifts as Blessings to Others

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Our Gifts as Blessings to Others


I was thinking of how strategies of how I was going to share my personal experiences to you with regards to the stewardship of talent. I rather call it "personal experiences" rather than "testimony" because of the fact that I would just want to share to you 'selected parts' or 'chapters in my life'.

When I was in front of the computer this very early morning preparing for this sharing, two titles of songs came to my mind. Whenever there is a videoke around, and everybody is invited for singing, I do not forget to punch the numbers of theses songs. They have given a very great impact to me.

The first title is "Thank You for the Music". Perhaps, those of you who know me already, do not anymore need to ask, why thank music? When I was in elementary and high school, I participate in the dance troupe and the glee club.

I sing, I dance, I play the piano. In fact, I was a member of that "Cherubims and Seraphims", or can I also say, even "The Young Larks, Third Generation"? because adda ak nga pasal-sali, "saling pusa" nu agpappa-practice ni Papa idi. I joined the Chancel Choir when I was ten years old. And I don't even forget my first song which is "Úpon This Rock".

But it was only two years ago, when I really began to realize the significance of what I am doing. It is called Music Ministry. "Thank You for the Music". I sing I dance, I play the piano. There was somebody who told me that my brother, Karl, plays the piano better than me; or that my other brother, Kejo, is developing to become one of...