Our Immigration System Is Too Old.

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Immigrants are essential to the United States. They are hardworking people. Therefore, immigrants deserve better services than they are getting from our current immigration system. To make it easier for immigrants and citizens of this great nation we need to reform our current immigration system, because our current immigration system is out of date. For example, it takes a while to get a response from the immigration department; also, the immigration system is not designed to keep track of illegal immigrants that enter the country. The question is how we can reform our immigration system to make it more effective. There are many different ways to reform the immigration system. Congress can agree on passing the guest worker program that President Bush proposed. The U.S. should secure our borders very well. Also, the United States Immigration Department should train and hire more reliable people to work in the Immigration Offices.

If we reform our immigration system it will not only help immigrants, but it will also help the whole nation by increasing our standards of living.

Immigrants are vital to this country, because they are the ones who are doing the job when Americans refuse to do it. Therefore, if they were to depart from our country we would not have anyone that would do the job they did. For example, who will be delivering the bread in the morning when we are busy getting ourselves ready to go to work in our offices? As stated by Cheryl Shanks the author of the book called Immigration and the Politics of American Sovereignty, "Immigrants [are] especially helpful because they took work that Americans would not readily do...and they [are] the economy's backbone" (Shanks 66, 67). This also brings us to the next point, which is approving the guest worker plan.