In our media today it seems that every day is

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In our media today it seems that every day is a new story that tops yesterday's story. Our media is on a war path to get better ratings, no matter what the consequences. It seems that they do not care about whose life they destroy, as long as, it is more sensational than the last. I feel that they need to be held more accountable for their actions, and have more common sense about what they print. I feel that something needs to be done now, not later, that stops the media going to great lengths to getting a story.

There are many measures that can be taken to stop journalist from over stepping their boundaries. I feel that the government needs to revise laws that protect our privacy. I feel that the press should not be able to print the names of minors that are victims. In one case where this little girl Jessica was rapped, the local press printed her name to the public in their story.

Printing her name was not fair to this girl, and I can only imagine the pain that brought her.

I feel that the media needs to start using their heads, instead of their asses when it comes to deciding on what to print. Stronger laws on what they can print or say should be put into place. I feel that media has hurt enough people today that they need to stop trying so hard to get their story. It makes me feel ashamed to be in a society that allows this to happen almost every day.