Our Neighbor

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When we moved into our new house we were greeted by our neighbor Terry within minutes. She was so excited to have us in the neighborhood and she told us about every reason why the last neighbor didn't work and her whole story of the police and drug activity. The next day Terry brought us some candles and soap in a nice gift bag. She then began to inquire about my life, my significant other's life and what brought us here, and why. I couldn't believe how personal this lady being and how noisy she was about us. I tried to shun her but she seemed to continue probing. Terry rambled on and on for hours as we were unpacking and trying to settle in, then invited us to her house to see her house and meet her husband. A couple of days later Terry came over again; she wanted to see how we were coming along with settling in.

After about an hour of talking her head off, she proceeded to tell us everything about the lady that last lived in our new house and how she was full of bad energy. I began to think to think to my self, "I wonder why, she was probably exhausted with you Terry". She wanted us to know how grateful she was to have two such wonderful ladies living next door to her that had goals and direction. I wondered to my self, how she would know. Then she began to tell us that she use to work for the FBI in intelligence. Now she was starting to make me nervous. It made me feel as though she had called the secret service to find out about us.

Over the next couple of months Terry came over at least once a...