Our School Food Sucks

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A lot of people like to eat including me, I eat a lot, but when it comes time to eating at school, I hate it. The school food we have is really disgusting. We only have like five things on our lunch menu. We need to come up with a new menu with more variety. We don't even get enough food for the amount of money we pay for. Even for all the money that we spend, the food isn't even halfway decent. It tastes bad and it barely had any nutritional value.

First of all, the students at St. Vincent's shouldn't be limited to the foods we buy. The food that we eat is pretty much a freeze dried cup of noodles and some pizza, including a chow mien or chicken fried rice. We get kind of sick (not literally) of eating the same school lunches day after day.

Eventually I am Guessing that everyone will just not eat the school lunches anymore. But that won't happen anytime soon so somebody has to say something. I remember at my old school that the it had a lot of variety in our foods and we even got a special on the menu just about every day everyday. That was even a public school. If we have to pay so much for tuition then they should use some of the money to make the lunches better don't you think? I feel that our school should get larger portions when we buy the school's lunches. For example: we have to pay $3.00 for a pepperoni pizza. The slices are not even big enough to fill you up, and if you want another one, it will be another $3.00. At my old school in Novato, all we had to pay was...