Our Society today is impacted by many different things that

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Our Society today is impacted by many different things that shape our everyday life. One thing that influences society a good deal is sports. They are incorporated into our education throughout our lives. Sports provide a wide variety of job opportunities. We are in one way or another involved in sport throughout our lives.

One part of society that sports influence is education. In most schools today Physical Education is a required class that teaches children how to play different types of sports. Along with Physical Education class children have recess which provides more opportunity for motor play. As a child motor play is important because it helps develop kids physically, mentally, and socially. Children usually play such sports as soccer, swimming, Little League, and gymnastics.

High school kids are offered a chance to join a school sports team. They play sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer.

Outside of school they participate in things like karate and horse back riding. After high school the level of competition increases in college sports. In college you get to pick a part of Physical Education you want to participate in rather than in high school where it was a generalized class on many aspects of Physical Education.

Another part of society that is greatly effected by sports is the job market. There are many different concentrations you can choose from in the Recreation major. In the sports communications you can get a job reporting, writing, broadcasting, or promotions for sports. The fitness exercise science field provides jobs such as a personal trainer, consultant, or strength and conditioning coach. Some jobs found in he sports and event management concentration are sports marketing, entrepreneurship, or athletic administration. With the wide sports job market you don?t need to be an athlete to be involved in sports.

As I was growing up sports influenced me in many ways. Starting at a very young age I was involved in sports such as soccer and little league. As a kid that lived outside of town, these teams gave me opportunities to make friends outside school, which was other wise hard to do. Sports were not voluntary for me when I was younger. My parents insisted in me being a part of a sports team, which I?m glad they did. The reason they were so insistent is that in their schools they didn?t get much of a chance to be on a sports team and I guess always regretted it. Now that I?m older I can see that sports are part of childhood no one should miss out on.

In conclusion, sports today are a major influence on society. It is built in to our educational system and part of our everyday lives. Many job opportunities are due to the very existence of sports. My life and many others have been profoundly influenced by sports.