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Prior to seeing the performance of "Our Town," I did not know what the play was about. I knew it was by Thornton Wilder and had heard about it before, but I had not known the exact content of the play. Therefore, I was eager to see this play since it is well known and pretty famous among other plays. I left my house expecting to see a really good play. Although it is a famous play, I really did not enjoy the content of the play.

I had been to the Tomlinson Theater before on Temple's campus and I really did not enjoy that theater setup as much as other theaters I had been to this semester. With that in mind, I still expected to see a really good play even though I did not like the house. When the play began there were a lot of people on stage.

This was interesting because I have seen so many plays where just one or two characters start on stage. After everyone said their opening lines and gave the description of the town, they took their seats. I did like how there were narrators for the story. I felt like they were talking directly to the audience and even felt part of the town. I also thought that the characters that were not doing a part did the sound effects. I thought that was a real creative and efficient way of doing sound effects. It gave realism to the characters actions even though they sometimes were not using props. The fact that they did not use as many props as they could have was not pleasing to me. A prop can create a sense of realism on stage and I thought that the characters' actions lacked that...