"Our verious rites of passage define who we are": reference to stimulus, Peter Goldsworthey's "Maestro", and two of your own choice.

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"Our various rites of passage define who we are. Make reference to Peter Goldsworthy's "Maestro", one item from the stimulus booklet, and two pieces of realted material you have chosen yourself.

Our various rites of passage do, in fact, define who we are, simply by definition - a rite of passage is, in fact, defined as a life-changing event. This can be seen in a great variety of places in modern society, and is represented through a great variety of texts. One example is Peter Goldsworthy's Maestro, which in itself centralizes around the rites of passage of the young Paul Crabbe, and his journey into adulthood. Similarly, "Life Cycle", a poem by Bruce Dawe also shows the rites of passage that young Victorians go through that eventually define them as football fans. The novel, "While i Live" from John Marden's series, The Ellie Chronicles goes shows the Rites of Passage the young Ellie Linton has gone through in the setting of a post-war Australia.

The short story "The Hill" from Garth Nix's collection Across the Wall shows once again, the change that a young boy experiences when his ancestor's land, "The Hill" is in danger of destruction. Each of these examples shows the effect that an event- rite of passage has had in defining someone's life.

Peter Goldsworthy's "Maestro" shows describes the life of the young Paul Crabbe, and the way that his rites of passage change whom he is to become. Early on in Paul's life he is introduced to the teachings of Eduard Kellar, an Austrian piano legend who, after the events of World War Two, fled to Australia, where he became Paul's piano teacher. The teachings of Kellar on the piano have a great effect on Paul's future - becoming a catalyst for the arrogance the...