Our World's Oceans: Their Importance to Our Planet

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I only began to understand how little my knowledge and experience was in this field of marine science when I began reading various texts in preparation for this paper. I found writing this paper exceptionally difficult not because of how little I knew, beforehand although, I am sure that my lack of knowledge did contribute to this dilemma, but more in how interesting and diverse a subject this science is. It is interesting me so much that I am very much considering learning more about becoming a part of future explorations, expeditions and perhaps, even significant discoveries that yet have to be made by directing my search for work aboard a vessel to research vessels. I was aware that much of the deep-sea environment has not been discovered and this new introduction has clarified that there is far more of this world that has to be discovered and understood. My paper therefore is a review of what I've researched on the subject, and what I am coming away with as my final step of schooling before I begin my life at sea.

My most recent experience with marine science was little more than a slight introduction of effects of oil spills on marine life. I was cadet shipping 2005 in Valdez, Alaska on Crowley Marine Service's enhanced tractor tug (ETT) Tan'erliq. This allows me to participate in various capacities including:

* participation and observation during oil spill response and clean-up exercises;

* participation and observation of ocean boom deployment and recover exercises;

* environmental concerns during tanker assists and escorts in and out of Valdez Harbor and through Prince William Sound up until Cape Hinchinbrook

* environmental concerns during barge moves

More appropriate to the study of marine science, I was able to participate and observe first-hand marine science at...