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Our Guest Speakers The three guest speakers we had at the contemporary art class this quarter were very useful in the information that they gave. All the guest speakers that we had this quarter spoke about some field of art. Even though all of his or her conversations pertained to art, each person had a different subject that art deals with.

I learned a great deal from Chris Porter and Dr. Busch, unfortunately I was unable to attend when we had our guest speaker on architecture. Our first guest speaker was very intriguing and talented with her work. I have never taken part in a project such as the one that she performed. Although that my quilting project failed in comparison to the works of art that she had presented. The exercise truly and educational experience. Out of all of our guest speakers, she was by far the most talented in my opinion.

I only wish that I had at least a small percentage of the talent that she shared with us. Since our project with Chris Porter my ignorance towards the time and talent it takes to create such a nice piece of art has diminished. The only thing I disagreed with or disliked about the entire exercise was that I didn't have enough time to fully take advantage of the project.

The other guest speaker Dr. Busch was also extremely informative. Dr. Busch not only taught me a great deal, but also reiterated what was already taught to us in class. I thought that Dr. Busch did a great job with his tour throughout the Butler Art Institute. He obviously has a great deal of knowledge on a variety of different types of artwork. The only part that I had a problem with throughout the entire tour...