Out line of facist government and a famous leader, Out line of communism system of government and a famous leader.

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Bennito Mussolini was a fascist dictator in Italy from 1922 to 1943; he centralized all power within him self as the leader of the Fascist party, in attempt to create an Italian empire. Mussolini's rise to power was rapid, as he had become successful in improving the Italian economy and bringing stability, as he said, "He made the trains run on time"(as somebody was shot otherwise). Like Hitler, Mussolini served in World War1 and returned to find his country in political and economic chaos, and in response formed an extremist political party. This soon led to a program of militarisation. The Italians ignored any "rumors" of police brutality as they were more focused on Mussolini's visible success. After invading Ethiopia by using tactics which were condemned by the French and the British, Mussolini looked elsewhere for allies and found Germany and Japan. After joining Hitler in supporting the Fascist "Nationalists" side in 1936, he gained an ally, Spanish Generalissimo Franco, but being associated with the atrocities of this brutal war lost him support in the rest of the world.

Mussolini's downfall began when he joined Germany in the Second World War against Britain and France, Italian armies were not only beaten by the modern forces of Britain, France and the USA, but also the Greeks, when they attempted to invade Greece in 1941. By July 1943, Italy had lost all of it colonies in Africa, and most of its army, and was being invaded. Mussolini was deposed by a revolt within his own Fascist Grand Council, and Victor Emmanuael III, the King of Italy, who had been reduced to a figurehead by Mussolini, appointed Marshal Badoglio to be the new Prime Minister. Mussolini was arrested, while Italy attempted to change sides. In the southern part of Italy, occupied by...