outcast by Alice Walker

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Alice Walker


Written in 2012

Alice Walker grew up in Eaton Georgia, with her parents who soon later were removed from the land that she grew up on, her mother worked as a maid making $17 dollars a week to keep her in school. But when Alice Walker was eight years old she was shot in the eye playing cops and robbers with her brothers. She became very withdrawn from the world and look at herself as ugly and was very self-conscious. Alice reacted to the insults people would say about her and this would bring her down, but not anymore. In this poem she writes about being an outcast, someone who stands alone and takes pride in who they are, and will not let the eyes of disapproval bring her down. A women who walks with their head held high while others mourn in jealousy because of the confidence she carried herself with.

This poem lets you look through the eyes of Alice Walker as if you were there when she wrote it.

When Alice Walker says '"be nobody's darling; be an outcast'" (L.L 1-2) This to me means to stand alone, to stick out from other people. Be your own person and don't follow what everyone else is doing. Don't listen to what other people have to say about you as an individual. Break free of the social standards of society. Given her background I can see her theory behind writing this poem, it not only is meant for her but for all who want to be an outcast. When I read each line a very descriptive image comes with it. If you break it down and she says '"be nobody's darling'" that alone to me is like saying don't be anyone else's weakness for them to...