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P.P.P 5 Outdoor Education An activity that takes place in schools that can also involve some form of physical education is outdoor education.

The National Association for Outdoor Education gives the following definition of outdoor education: "A means of approaching educational objects through guided direct experience in the environment using its resources as learning materials" Passmores definition states that " outdoor education is learning in and for the outdoors" Honeybourne text definition suggests that outdoor education equals all those activities concerned with living, moving, and learning in the outdoors.

I would define outdoor education as being the learning process taken place with in a natural environment in a sporting context. This may include such things as Orienteering, Hill walking, Mountaineering, Scuba diving, Canoeing and White water rafting etc.

Outdoor education can include many other aspects such as geographical, historical, biological, and artistic studies as well as physical education.

Outdoor education is used to achieve personal objectives and to also overcome challenges and to become one with the natural environment.

Outdoor education can cover many activities as long as you are learning skills outside of a structured classroom. Outdoor education is there to set yourself challenges and to overcome them, it also gives opportunities to work in groups, share in discussions, and to work as a team as well as achieving a personal goal. In practice an example of this would be the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme as it covers all the above criteria.

When educated in the natural environment safety is a key thing to consider, as there are many dangers, which would not occur in the normal physical education environment. In recent news two young girls on an outward bounds trip tragically drowned. This only highlights the fact that safety is a key aspect in outdoor education.