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Michael Wei Hao Lao(1161765) November 20th 2014 Outline for Final Essay Alan David Wong

q Outline Title of Essay When are you going to tell your parents that your gay? Introduction 1. Thesis Statement: In Lorde Audre's Man Child: A Black Lesbian Feminists' Response, Wat Eric C's Blood, Thick and Thin and Logan Gutierrez-Mock's F2MESTIZO. Parents who abandon or give up on their children due to their gender identity, parents should accept them for who they are regardless of transgender issues. This helps all youth maintain good mental and physical health. Body 1.LGBT children deserve be treated equally to any other human being a) Those who are lesbian, gay or bisexual, those who are transgender, transsexual should be taken care with respect. "My father said to me eventually, no matter what you do outside, you are still my son. You can always come home; you will always have a shelter."

( Blood, Thick and Thin 2) b) Parents must be the first supporter to their gay or lesbian children. "our family dog. If he runs away, he runs away. But as long as he stays with us, he is out reponsibitlity." ( Blood, thick and Thin 2) 2. LGBT teenager who got rejected by their parents posses a high rate of bullying and incidences. a) Teenager who fall into the LGBT community groups will more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe after being bullied due to their sexual orientation. "I heard from Beth how the corner bullies were making Jonathan wipe their shoes on the way home whenever Beth wasn't there to fight them off." ( Man Child: Lesbian feminist's response 2) b) LGBT youth often decide to commit suicide or drug abuse after being denied by their parents. "When I came out to my parents...