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The Greek classical play Medea is about the story of a foreign woman, whom leaves behind and destroys her own family and all that she has for a new life in Greece, for her love Jason. Despite having two children and a family together, Jason's desire for lust leads him to desert Medea for Glauce, the Greek Princess of Corinth. Medea's anger and her thirst for revenge leads her to become obsessed Jason vengeance and what the Greek's call defending her 'honor'. In order to understand the tragedy that will inevitably unfold, the history prior to the play and which the play is based on is important. It is mainly based on the story of Jason and the Argonauts (or the quest for the Golden Quest), of his adventure as a hero and how he eventually met Medea.

Jason is the son of Aeson (a king in Greece), whose father's throne had been taken away from him by his half brother Pelias, Her mother managed to send Jason away for his own protection, (as Pelias was ordering the death of all descended from Aeson) to safety and he was raised by a Centaur.

When Jason grew to manhood, however, he courageously returned to Greece to regain his kingdom. Pelias pretended to be willing to relinquish the crown, but said that the young man must first undertake the quest of the Golden Fleece, which was the rightful property of their family. Pelias did not believe that Jason could succeed in the quest, nor that he would come back alive, but the young man scoffed at the dangers ahead. Jason assembled a crew of heroic young men from all parts of Greece to sail with him on the ship Argo. After a voyage of incredible perils, the Argonauts reached Colchis, the...