Outline to a Persuasive Speech on Pro-Piracy of Entertainment Media.

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a.Attention Device:

b.Thesis: "Piracy of media files must be accepted."

c.Preview: Why it cannot be stopped, the Monetary impacts of entertainment piracy, and Other benefits of pirating entertainment.


a.Limitations of Stopping Piracy

i.No borders, no boundaries, no dictator.

ii.Many things, which are supposed to be illegal in Utah are not. (It's illegal to buy vulgar pornography, but you can order XXX movies in your living room, it's illegal to gamble, but you can get online and bet it all, it's illegal to hire based on race, yet we have Affirmative Action.)

iii.Too many to police (CNET homepage, updated yesterday, Kazaa most downloaded for 55 weeks. 3.8 Mil on Kazaa last night)

iv.The law of supply and demand.

So since it cannot be stopped, what will happen because of it?

b.Monetary Impacts of Piracy

i.Imbalance of income in US (MicroEconomics by David Colander, 2001)

ii.Transition $ to productive industries

iii.Free is always replaced by better

So as we can see, society will be better off, but what about the individual effects?

c.The benefits of Pirating Media

i.No lines

ii.Free music/movies

iii.More jobs

iv.More safety - push technologies

All of these factors help us to understand the effects of games a little more.


a.Review (even if you could stop it, you're better off not stopping it)

b.Thesis: "Whether you choose to buy a CD or burn it"

c.Closing comment: "Next time you hear a song you like, just download it!"