Outlines the structure of the Privy Council. It also gives a historical perspective.

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The Privy Council Office

Sometimes being the key Political statue of a country of over 30 million extremely diverse individuals can become an tremendously difficult task. That is why there was the formation of the Privy Council Office. The goal of the Privy Council Office (PCO) is to "provide non-partisan advice and support to the government, and leadership, coordination and support to the departments and agencies."# The Privy Council Office has, and will continue to provide the Prime Minister and Cabinet with irreplaceable expert advice and support on a variety of key government issues.

Mission/ Values

The PCO has a clearly stated mission Which can be found on it's website. That mission is "To serve Canada and Canadians by providing the best non-partisan advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet."#

Along with the Mission the PCO also has four stated values, which are

We recognize the special need of the Prime Minister for timely advice and support.

We dedicate ourselves to our work and to the effective functioning of government.

We believe that integrity, judgement and discretion are essential to achieving our mission.

We believe that people are the strength of the PCO.#

Structure and Leadership

The Structure and operations of the Privy Council include coordinating support for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. PCO has secretariats who are each under the watch of a assistant secretary to the Cabinet. Secretariats support cabinet and committees or provide advice on many issues such as appointments, mandates, security, intelligence, and other concerns to the Prime Minister. The PCO in general maintains an overview of the entire range of government activities.

The Privy council is staffed by experienced public servants who are recruited from line departments to serve in the PCO for a limited time. Officers bring there expertise from...