The Outsiders

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the ghost canoe- this is a book about a young boy named nathan who lives on an island that has and indian tribe on it. on this island he lives with his mom and dad. he becomes really good friends with lighthouse george and he goes fishing with im. lighthouse george is the only indian on the island that can speak full english. one day a vistor named Kane has bought the trading post. time goes by and nathan realizes that kane is acting really wierd. it turns out kane had been searching for a spanish gold. kane finds the gold in a ghost canoe. a ghost canoe is a canoe in a tree that is used as a burial for captains and important people. nathan and lighthouse george try to stop him. when they find kane he is climbing a cliff with all of the gold in is bag.

the gold ways him down and he falls off the cliff and dies. in the end nathan and his parents had to go home because his mom is really sick from the weather up there. the indians get all the gold and nathans family got one block of the gold.