the outsiders

Essay by diegoch October 2014

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Diego Chavira


it's been a long time since I saw his face an older sibling of mine. He was young a trusting

Brother he help me till I was six, the last time the last I saw him was until eleven that's when

he past away. I was really hoping he would stay much longer but his time was up and soon it

will be mine turn. I did not like what I felt inside me all empty I did not want to say good bye.

I was alone at the park thinking what do I do now,

I was looking around, looking at children play until this child caught my eye on how happy he

Looked with his friends enjoying life while he still can, then I saw him again walking alone by

my neighborhood then after five minutes he sat right next to me and then he told me everything

will be alright go live your life while u still can your older brother is in a better place now then

he walked off.

The next day he was gone, on what he said he changed me I felt different I went

from empty to joy .