The Outsiders

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Book report on: The OutsidersPonyboy is a greaser. The Greasers are a group of kids known for their long hair and are low-class. Their enemies are a rich group called the Socs. It starts as Pony is walking home from a movie and is beaten up by a group of Socs, but soon the Greasers come and save him. The group had his brothers, Darry and Sodapop, Dally, Johnny, and Two-bit. The next night Pony and Johnny went to a movie, they met two s there, named Cherry and Marcia. They all walked back to Two-bits house so they could drive the s home, but on the way, they see the s boyfriends, Randy and Bob, and the s go with them so they won't cause a fight. That night Ponyboy got home late. Darry get really mad at him and slaps him across the face, Ponyboy runs to Johnny and wants to run away.

They go to the park and find Bob and Randy there. They come over and stick Pony's head in the water fountain, he almost died, but Johnny killed Bob so he wouldn't. They both are really scared and go to find Dally. Daly sends them to and old church, where they hide out for a week. Dally goes back to get them. As they are leaving they notice a church on fire with school kids inside. Pony and Johnny go in and rescue all the children and the roof caves in with Pony and Johnny inside. Pony blacked out. Pony had only a few burns and bruises. Johnny's back was broken and he is in bad condition. The next morning they are heroes in the newspaper. They go to a "rumble" and are all excited. After the fight they go tot see Johnny and he died. Pony goes home and gets a phone call from Dally and he says he robbed a store, they all come to rescue him, but are too late and as Pony sees him he passes out. Pony gets better and the story ends with him writing as essay for English class.