Outsiders Cannot Bring Peace To A Civil Conflict

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Outsiders cannot bring peace to a civil conflict. However, this statement is purely situational. Two situations that portray this point are the Arab-Israeli conflict, which occurred in Palestine, and the civil conflict in Afghanistan. An outside force could not directly or completely solve these conflicts, but a third party can positively or negatively influence them.

In Palestine, Jerusalem is considered by many religions a Holy Land. Those belief systems include Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Catholic. Both the Jews, also known as the Israelis, and the Muslims recognized as the Arabs or Palestinians, want to claim this land as their own.

To better understand the conflict one must understand the people involved and their history with each other. The Arabs "make up the majority of the population in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and the majority of the countries in the Middle East. (Steward 6)" "Arabs are a people who are united by a common language, history, and culture.

(Steward 6)" This quote from Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli Conflict shows that the Arabs are a tight knit people because they place emphasis on having things in common with others in the Arab society.

On the other hand, the Jewish population is an easily distinguished minority. The Jewish have been long opposed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The Palestinians designed the PLO in order to oppose Jews by any means necessary, including terrorizing, and taking hostages of the Israeli citizens. This resulted in making the Israelis defensive, suspicious, and intolerant (Steward 9).

The Jews want to live in Jerusalem, Palestine because it is the geographical capitol of their religion. This kind of behavior has occurred previously in history. During the Middle Ages the people of Europe had a sense of belonging to Christian Dom. The Arabs have that same sense...