Outsiders of a Neighbourhood

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IntroductionThe purpose of this research paper is to compare individuals that live within an area with those who live outside an area. This observation will provide us with a general idea of how one would perceive and define a neighborhood. Using different methods of testing, this research paper will compare and contrast the differences of living in an area such as Richmond Hill with those who live outside an area such as Down Toronto. To ensure high quality and the accuracy of data, the information will be based on the compulsories of surveys and mental maps from different individuals with different cultural background. Throughout this testing, we can identify and distinguish the differences of how each individual will perceive and define their own neighborhood.

What sources sayA person's perception of the world is known as a mental map. A mental map is an individual's own internal map of their known world.

Geographers like to learn about the mental maps of individuals and how they order the space around them. This can be investigated by asking for directions to a landmark or other locations, by asking someone to draw a sketch map of an area or describing that area, or by asking a person to name as many places as possible in a short period of time.

ExpectationsGiven that the . In addition, my own experience suggests thatMethodIn order to answer my hypothesis for this project, several methods have been used throughout this project. The first method was through the compulsory of surveys which were approximately 15-20 minutes long. Two different types of surveys were given out to individuals; one set were for the people who lived in the “inner” city of Ontario which was Richmond Hill, the other set were given to the people who lived on...