"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton

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S.E Hilton's novel 'The Outsiders' is very interesting. It is mainly about two gangs that are complete opposites, The Greasers and the Socs. The Greasers are from the hood, the east side, they steal things, drive old souped up cars and hold up petrol stations. They have gang fights once in a while. The Socs are the west side rich kids, they jump Greasers and wreck houses. They throw bear blasts for kicks. There are seven characters that are important to the story and they are the Greasers Darry, Soda-pop, Pony-boy, Dally, Two-bit, Steve and last but not least Johnny Cake.

My favourite character is Johnny Cade but he gets called Johnny cake. Everyone in the gang likes him, he is the gangs pet, everyone's kid brother. I like Johnny the best because he is one of the main characters and is interesting because he always has problems.

Johnny gets beat up at home from his parents and sometimes sleeps on the wasteground as he hates living there. He once got beaten up by a bunch of Socs and was lying on the wasteground when Pony, Dally, Darry, Two-bit and Soda found him, he was beaten up really badly and had ring marks all over him. Now he never leaves home without making sure he has his switch bade with him.

There is also something I didn't about like Johnny. I didn't like it when he was dying in hospital when Pony and Dally went to see him and before he died he said 'Stay gold Pony-boy. Stay gold...'

I didn't know what it meant at the time but it's the same with everything. If you read a book once, then you read it again, you realise all the clues and all the clues you've missed...