'The Outsiders' by S.E Hinton

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I think that Dally is the hero of the book. He helped Johnny and Ponyboy hide after they had killed Bob. He gave them a gun (heater) and fifty dollars and told them to hide out at the old church in Windrixville till it all blew over. "Hop the three-fifteen freight to Windrixville.

"There's an old abandoned church on top of Joy Mountain" (page 74).

This shows that he cares for them and their safety.

Dally especially loves Johnny. He won the rumble for him and lets himself get killed by the police because living without Johnny isn't living. In the book its Ponyboy says that after he was hit by the bullets "there was a triumphant grin on his face" (page 186) and "I knew that's what he wanted" (page 186). If Dally could die for someone in the way that he did I consider him to be brave and a hero.

At the beginning of the novel Ponyboy enjoys being a greaser. He identifies with this group of people and doesn't believe he has anything in commom with Socs. But by the end of the novel, after the death of Bob, he realises that people have to get along. Everyone is an individual and we all have to learn to think for our selves and learn to live together without groups influencing. When Ponyboy talks to Randy he shows this by saying:

" 'Greaser' didn't have anything to do with it. My buddy over there wouldn't have done it. Maybe you would have done the same thing, maybe a friend of yours wouldn't have. It's the individual." (page 141)

I think The Outsiders is called this because the story is about a group of people called the "greasers" who are considered to be losers by the rest of...