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ReaDefine is a small bookstore chain that grossed $22 million in sales last year. Currently she operates five stores in and around the Atlanta area. The company gets over 50% of its customers by word of mouth the owner, Audrey Burgess, has decided to add an online component to the store to capitalize on this word of mouth business. The online component is meant to add a music and e-book section. Readers will also have the option to add reviews to books. Quizzes and crossword puzzles will also be available online. A frequent customer program will also be enacted. This new online store will require that Audrey invest in internet security. This paper will look at various security issues that face ReaDefine.

Internet security has been a concern for many years. The use of the internet for business continues to grow each year. In the past the internet has was primarily used for entertainment purposes.

E-commerce is a growing segment of the internet. At the same time, the Internet has also become ground zero for fraud such as identity theft and hacking websites. ReaDefine will need to ensure that its security is excellent and up-to-date. The company will also need to be aware of international regulations that may affect the company.

The global regulation of the internet is somewhat lacking. The store also needs to ensure that they are experienced personnel to handle various internet issues that may arise. These personnel should be experienced in everyday issues such as a server crashing to more threatening issues like hackers and fraud. The personnel may be employees of the company or it can be an outside company. In the initial phase, Audrey has decided to go with consultants to help get the online store running.

Security AnalysisSecurity is the most critical and...