Outsourcing: Good for Business, Bad for America

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Outsourcing: Good for Business, Bad for America


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March 21, 2007


Outsourcing: Good for Business, Bad for America

Americans are being robbed of the American Dream because outsourcing to outside countries was supposed to benefit both Americans and foreign countries as fair trade. The argument has been that outsourcing to foreign countries has not affected our country. There was a household employment survey that said that there are over 1.9 million more American workers that are now employed since the recession (Kane, Schaefer, and Fraser, 2006). They do not take into account that these workers who lost their jobs and found reemployment for usually 80% of their previous pay (Doubs, 2006). There is a benefit of outsourcing overseas that is consumers can buy goods and services at lower prices, and sometimes higher-quality products at the same price.

Outsourcing also benefits the foreign country by bringing in more work. However, the good intentions are not truly working out for America.

Globalization is having businesses move toward international trade whether it be product or services. Outsourcing overseas in essence forces everyone to compete for the bottom dollar in order to gain business. Nevertheless, globalization eliminates jobs in numerous ways. Big business is out looking for cheap resources, cheap wood, and foreign markets. This is where loss of jobs is inevitable and with the sell-offs of the facilities it only contributes to the biggest of corporations winning and not the smaller of companies because they are buying out the competition instead of building new capacity (Draffan, 1999).

It seems that outsourcing has hit its all time high in the United States. Crane (2007) stated that...