Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries

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The American workforce is made up of Americans by birth, Americans by naturalization and permanent residents with visas. We know some of this workforce has been outsourced. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) promised more jobs with higher earning potential. However, this has not happened, instead the American workforce has suffered. Outsourcing and foreign worker visas have severely impacted American jobs.

It does not take a rocket scientist to point out that problems can and will arise from offshore outsourcing. It starts as a losing scenario; lost jobs, lost benefits and lost dreams. Americans are left jobless; they are at risk for losing everything they worked hard for, and now stand in a welfare line.

The internet has certainly boosted technological creativity, but ultimately has been an enabler for outsourcing to foreign countries. A door has been open to the four corners of the world. Everything can now be accessed or tapped into through the internet.

Technology now lets businesses do more with fewer people; technology has also provided more ways then just outsourcing to save money. If the job can be done for less and the business could find someone somewhere online to do it, does it matter if the person they hire is not in the same country?

Outsourcing has cut salaries to the point that there is no reason to attempt to obtain higher education in technology. With no competition from other groups with the education, businesses may overlook possible cost savings. By gaining knowledge and skills American workers become more marketable.

With an increasingly globalized economy, more and more jobs will be candidates for both outsourcing and insourcing. Globalized economy has been our future; it never required businesses to outsource. While outsourcing to save money we forgot it could be saved here too. Home...