"Over The Edge" was done to mimic an Edgar Allen Poe story in which I had to use 4 elements of his (1st person, twisted ending, dealing with death, and an insane personality)

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I woke up today wondering where I was headed in life. I felt as if I did not belong in my own town. The entire town was made up of nice, caring people who lived in beautiful houses and had well paying jobs. They never had any problems inside the home and even the dogs were civilized. I could see children playing baseball in the park on Sunday afternoons after they have all gone to church, of course. Then, on every Thursday, the men would go golfing and the women would meet at the park to talk about the latest fashions and news. The entire town was a fine, mature town, except for my home. A week ago, my wife and I fought vigorously, through needless issues and about how neither of us is happy with our lives as they are, to the point where she kicked me out of the house.

I, being a man of honor, to an extent, went back into the house and proceeded to make the basement couch my bed for the night. I didn't sleep much that night; I kept thinking how I wanted to punch holes in the walls, throw chairs and break that precious lamp that she had to buy at the flee market outside of town. This town has too much self worth to have their own flee market. I guess she doesn't realize that if something is being sold at a flee market it is useless to people who have any sense of self in them. So, to my new found knowledge, she has no sense of self. I always knew there was something wrong with that woman. The next morning, I woke up to find that she was gone. She left a note for me on the kitchen table.