Over Population in China

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Notes: Figures are diagrams and I can not include them do to text formatting.

Population 1.0Chinas population has been skyrocketing over the past decades and isn't showing any obvious signs of slowing down. Since World War II the population of China has been told to conceive more children to bump up the fallen soldiers taken in the war. The population of China complied and started to give birth to more babies, however they did not foresee the possible outcome of conceiving so many babies. The communist leader of China at the time, Mao Zedong, believed that the increase of population would bring money to their country, produce more food and increase population from those who had died in the war. Leader Mao's idea was seen as a great idea in theory but only future could tell the events that were going to take place.

Over the next few decades Chinas population would be dramatically building.

In the 1950's their population was sitting on 563 million people. Then Mao's plan took full effect pushing their population to over one billion people by the 1980's. And is said to be reaching an astonishing 1.4 billion by 2010 and in 2030 it is said to peak and then start to drop. India, currently the second most populated country in the world, is expected to overtake China sitting on 1.54 billion people by 2040.

Figure 1.1 Chinas Population pyramid during 1995.

Biomes of China 2.0The biomes of China are separated in to five different sections.

Section 1.

The most populated biome of china is the temperate deciduous forest. This biome features well known trees such as the Oak and Maple tree. This section of biome has been populated by humans due to commercial privileges such as logging.

Section 2.

The tropical deciduous forest...