Overall View of Bridges, ranging through many topics.

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People drive over bridges everyday and never think twice about what went into building this beautiful architecture, when you drive over a bridge you don't see the underneath of it, all you see is the road in front of you. Everyone sees bridges differently some people see them as a way of getting over water or land gouges, some people see them a fascinating objects. When a kid goes over a bridge for the first time they stare at this big object in amazement. One of the first bridges I ever saw was the golden gate bridge, we were on a boat and went underneath it, I was wearing these headphones and they were explaining when it opened( 1937), how long it took to build( 4 years) e.t.c. When we got off the boat we then walked over the Golden Gate Bridge and in fact I made my family walk over it twice just too take another look at it, straight away I went out and bought a scrap book and filled every page of the book with pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Although bridges often go unnoticed, their function is needed all over the world. In the 1800s, wagons heading West in America had to get over streams or rivers, without bridges in place the pioneers would sometimes travel for miles out of the way to find a spot to cross a river. Some times they waited for days or weeks for flooded rivers to calm down until it was safe to cross. Crossing rivers was a dangerous thing to do when traveling, narrow wheels sank into the muddy river bottoms, and many people lost all their belongings and in some cases their lives.

Imagine how long it would take to cross a river today if bridges were...