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Overpopulation The world today is filled with billions of people right now. What kinds of things will come upon us if we keep multiplying like this? 1.3 billion people are threatened from starvation, that?s 1 out of ever 5 people. People all over the world are starving. The human population are using lots of the worlds natural resources . Also killing to many animals. At the rate we are going now by the year 2150 the resources will be very slim to none, what can we do? In Tokuyo the population is so large that the have cemeteries on the roofs of people homes. The schools are getting very crowded, I know from own experience in my school, the hall ways are hard to get throw. If millions of people are starving now what are we going to do 100years from now? Today there are billions of people in the world running low on supplies and do you want to know why, OVERPOPULATION. You can imagine what it would be like if we keep multiplying like this. One out of every five people is threatened from starvation every day. Did you know that every time you sit down at the kitchen table eating your dinner some other boy or girl from another country is sitting on the ground eating nothing? Did you know that families of five people require approximately 2.5 acres of land to maintain a garden and allow freedom of movement? The human population is using too much of the land natural resources. Even the schools are getting overcrowded and they have to make room for the students. By the rate we are going resources will be very slim to none. World wide 800,000,000 people are chronically undernourished; it is devastating for their health and welfare...