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The issue as I see it is the overpopulation of earth. I can't see the Earth as naturally supporting this amount of people. We are artificially supporting ourselves; we tear down rainforests and set up even more fields for food. The Earth without our coaxing would not be able to support 6.3 billion people.

But if the Earth is overpopulated, then what is the solution? I don't feel there is a humane way to restrict population growth or decay. The way I see if it basically what Hitler tried to do. Genetically those strong will survive. Hitler did this not based on scientific fact but from his own demented views of the world. But if you don't give a chance to those less fortunate then great things may never occur. If medical science were not at its current state, I would not be alive today. I would have died in my mother's womb.

My head was too large to come through the birth canal. So my mother had a caesarian section. But this is part of natural life. Not artificial life as we have it. A child born with such a severe disability that he will never develop his brain beyond that of a two-year-old. What quality of life will that human being live? What good would it do for the species as a whole? Why would passing those defective genes on help? But how can you kill a living, breathing, conscious, human being? How can you kill an animal? It's the same thing, no? It's not the same thing, to a certain extent. I hold human beings in a higher regard than animals. Humans are more intelligent that any other animal on Earth. They have the ability to think, reason, develop language, utilize mathematics, use logic, and establish civilizations...